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ARLIS/NA 2017 Annual Conference

Minutes of the Meeting                                                                Date:  Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Newberry Room, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Two Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Moderator:  Karen DeWitt

Vice-Moderator:  Nilda Sanchez-Rodriguez

Recorder:  Rebecca Price

Attendees:  Beth Dodd (Univ. of Texas at Austin), Aimee Lind (Getty Research Institute), Katie Pierce Meyer (Univ. of Texas at Austin), Geraldine Billingham (Bloomsbury Publishing), Janine J. Henri  (Univ. of California), Robert W Adams (Boston Architectural College), Kristen Liberman (Boston Architectural College), Katharina Koop (RWTH Aachen Univ.), Barbara A. Opar (Syracuse Univ.), Rebecca Price (Univ. of Michigan), Ted Goodman (Columbia Univ.), Steven Baskin   (Univ. of Nevada), Henry A. Pisciotta (Pennsylvania State Univ.), Eric Chaim Kline (Book Seller), Sarah W Dickinson (Harvard Graduate School of Design), Nilda Sanchez-Rodriguez (City College of New York), Meg Donabedian (New York School of Interior Design), Faith Pleasanton (MMA -Retired), Alan Richard Michelson (Univ. of Washington), Kathy J. Woodrell (Library of Congress), Katharine R. Chibnik (Columbia Univ.), Vania Mara Alves Lima   (Univ. of Sao Paulo), John T. Schlinke (Roger Williams Univ.), Karen Elizabeth DeWitt (North Carolina State Univ.)

— Approval of minutes from last year’s meeting. Motion to approve as amended.  Motion seconded and passed without opposition.

— New Business

Social Media and Online Presence

  • Facebook Page: ( Our facebook group page is not very active. The settings are such that anyone can post. We discussed if we want to restrict that – but decided to keep the posting open, since we’re not getting any posts.  Nilda will moderate the page.  There was consensus to keep the page going and for there to be periodic prompts to the section members to participate and post events or updates about their libraries or architecture librarianship.  The name of the group is Architecture Section of ARLIS/NA.

  • Blog page:  This is a wordpress blog, with postings of articles. No one has posted anything since 2015.  Do we want to keep it?  Do we want to change what we put here?  While what is posted there is wonderful, there was discussion about whether we can maintain that (given that there have been no posts in almost 2 years).  Karen asks the group if there is interest in keeping it up.  It was suggested that we need a designated person to maintain it: soliciting and gathering posts, moderating content, etc.  Perhaps we could concentrate on shorter notices; but then it was pointed out those would be better suited to our Facebook page.
    1. It was suggested that it could serve as an aggregator of other content that we often post on our ‘home’ institution blogs.
    2. It was suggested that we investigate establishing a Pinterest page. Steven Baskin offered to share more information about that on our email list.
    3. Identifying our audience is an important consideration
    4. Looking at other section blogs might help us: g., Coll Dev Section’s blog
    5. Discussion about need for an ‘editor’ – we looked at our Bylaws and there is no editor position; we could consider adding this in the coming year.
    6. Several members offer to contribute something this year (Alan, Ted, Steven, Aimee)
    7. Consensus was to proceed with plans to post occasionally (at least every 2 months) to the Blog and Facebook pages. Nilda will send out bi-monthly prompts to the section list to solicit posts.

Session ideas for next year’s conference in NYC

  • Back Room / Behind the Scenes Tour of the Avery
  • Tour of Ground Zero – or session that would connect with such a tour
  • Session presenting NYC Resources
  • Potentially include: Avery Library, NYPL (Digital Archive), Artstor, BWR, etc. Ted and Kitty volunteer to put together these ideas into a proposal for “Digital NY”
  • Architecture Mapping Projects
    1. Examples: NY, Philadelphia, LA, Getty

— New Directions

  1. Hannah Bennett notes that the IviesPlus group is preparing an online resource that will include books about their schools and regions. Suggests that we could do something like that more broadly. Could add ephemera and local publications.  It was suggested that she add that to our blog as a post.

— Reports

  1. Janine Henri reported out about SAH. They met in Pasadena last year and while there she extended invitations to architectural historians to join us here.  This summer they’re meeting in Glasgow Scotland in mid-June.  The upcoming annual meetings will be in St. Paul, MN, Providence RI, Seattle WA.  Janine will begin posting their monthly newsletter to our list.
  2. Aimee Lind reported out on CalArchNet. They met at UC Santa Barbara and had about 20 attendees.  One of their action items is to look into statewide digitization projects and see if there are initiatives they could participate in in some way.  Still in very early stages of discovery and exploration.  Will meet again at the Getty in April.
  3. Rebecca Price reported out on the upcoming AASL meeting – March 23-25 in Detroit MI. She invited all to attend.
  4. Ted Goodman reported out about the Avery. They’re working with ProQuest on the issue of A+U Special Issues not appearing with complete information in their results.  He notes that there are lots of new journals being indexed – he showed us how to access the online list, which is updated about every 6 months.  Ted requested that we send on any suggestions for additional journals.
  5. Aimee Lind will be our next vice-moderator.

— Meeting Adjourned